RE: Request for breakage in gnome-panel

Anyone want to preemptively call EndOfThread now? ;)

Only if the Run menu won't get removed for 2.12 either. As Mike and others said, it is the wrong thing to do: yes, having a Run menu shows a poor dekstop architecture and maybe Red Hat engineers want to hide this fact. However, the reality for the rest of us is that the Run menu is used a lot and it's a workaround for the usual unix-way-of-doing-things. Therefore, it's a needed tool and removing it will be all wrong at this point in time. We were talking about usability and how the Run menu is bad for usability. However, removing it, it will it make worse. Besides, sometimes the obvious solution is the best one.

Let Red Hat do whatever they want on their packages, but please don't remove this from the core Gnome.

thank you.

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