Re: Request for breakage in gnome-panel

Speaking as a daily gnome user, I would not want this option to be removed from the menus, not now or in the next version of gnome. Reasons: 1. it gives me a way to load apps that are not on the menu. I install a lot of apps -- gnome and kde alike-- and 80% of them are not installing a .desktop file and so they don't appear in the menus. 2. I am not a shortcut person. I am a lazy mouse person. So, that alt+f2, I really don't know what it does and I have never seen "normal" users using weird shortcuts to load apps (referencing to Colin's message). 3. Having a "run" panel is of course wrong, when the system is well architected. However, the _reality_ of unix today requires users to use such a utility all too often. As I explained above, not all apps install menu items and gnome's menu editing capabilities are limited.

IMHO, the Run panel should remain as is under the Application's listings (after using a seperator widget). Maybe in 5 to 10 years from now the unix/linux way-of-doing-things would be different, and as in macosx, we won't need a Run applet. But today, we do.

It is one matter to remove functionality when it's not needed and it's bad usability-wise, but an altogether different matter when something is indeed bad usability but it's truly needed.



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