Re: Final 2.10 Modules List Proposal


> >  * gnome-backgrounds
> >  * gnome-doc-utils
> >  * gnome-menus
> >  * sound-juicer (pending feedback from Ross)
> >  * totem
> Also, it seems that through contrition or quiet consensus, we have chosen to
> deprecate nautilus-media.

I'm still not sure exactly what I should be doing here (still a bit
miffed about *functionality* being removed from under me without a
viable replacement, and not understanding the process involved), but
yeah, I consider nautilus-media on hiatus until there is a viable
alternative to implement this kind of functionality in nautilus.

Retired is too premature, I am working on some more different features.
But the main part, the audio view, is not implementable in a sensible
way with the current Nautilus API afaict.


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