Re: [Usability] [RFC] Announcing: Control-Center-GUI 0.1

Il giorno gio, 10-02-2005 alle 23:11 -0300, Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues ha

> > The new "Add to Panel" list is just too long. When I was using it for
> > the first time, I was searching for applets I already knew I wanted, but
> > had to scan the list multiple times because I kept missing the ones I
> > was looking for. Long story short, there is too much info there in a big
> > unfriendly list.
> In regard to "Add to panel" dialog, may I suggest you to use the same
> approach (ie, flat iconview, with clearly labeled categories, icons
> with short descriptions and/or tooltips)? With this design, it´ll be
> easy to drag and drop things to panel (it´s more intuitive to drag an
> icon than an huge icon+long description object to the panel).

D'n'D is yet available in the current Add to Panel dialog ;-)

This let's you to add multiple applets at once.

Luca Ferretti <elle uca libero it>

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