Re: Panel HEAD vs Rhythmbox CVS - failed to open Places

Jan de Groot wrote:

On Wed, 2005-02-09 at 13:40 +0100, Luca Ferretti wrote:
Il giorno mer, 09-02-2005 alle 11:55 +0100, Alexander Larsson ha

Make sure update-desktop-database $prefix/share/applications/ gets run
after install. Shouldn't all application makefiles be doing this when
building from tarballs, or is something else handling this?
Here is "desktop-file-install" provided by fd.o desktop-file-utils, but
it's not used :-(  Maybe someone could hack on gnome-common rules

If this gets into gnome-common makefiles, make sure it can be disabled
with an environment variable or a --disable-thing, since I don't want to
end up hacking makefiles for this as we do with scrollkeeper now. For
packaging it's not right to update these databases, either they appear
in the package and conflict or overwrite a database generated in another
package, or they rebuild your system's database if they have permission
to do so (I build with user and fakeroot, so the last thing was never an
issue with older automake standards)
Why would you want to disable it? The "make install" rule would run "update-desktop-database $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/applications", which would update the mimeinfo.cache file in that directory. If you are building a package you could just delete the mimeinfo.cache file from the buildroot afterwards or simply not package it.


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