Re: Yelp and the Future

	Since Mozilla being inaccessible seems to be relatively fine with the
a11y community (since lynx etc. are accessible through accessible

This is a misconception; for instance neither 'links' nor 'lynx' are accessible via gnome-terminal, and their support for real-world webpages is poor. You're also limiting your scope to blind users in this case, while there are many other accessibility use cases which links/lynx don't support.

perhaps a simple command line version of yelp which
pre-generates the html and runs lynx would be sufficient accessibility
support for the Geckofied yelp?
I don't think so. It doesn't help GOK users, and would require blind users to leave GNOME and run a text-only console instead.

The right fix is to get the a11y fixes upstream into gecko, and get the integration glitches ironed out. With cooperation I don't see why this can't happen for 2.12, but things just didn't come together in time for 2.10.


- Bill

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