Re: Yelp and the Future

Today at 14:03, Mark McLoughlin wrote:

> 	FWIW, I don't think that this should be an indefinite blocker. As
> important as a11y is, it shouldn't be allowed to block important feature
> work indefinetly. There really needs to be some give and take.
> 	Since Mozilla being inaccessible seems to be relatively fine with the
> a11y community (since lynx etc. are accessible through accessible
> terminals), perhaps a simple command line version of yelp which
> pre-generates the html and runs lynx would be sufficient accessibility
> support for the Geckofied yelp?

I see no difference between Elijah's proposal (to make Yelp 2.6 and
2.10 parallel-installable) and this.  FWIW, Elijah's proposal even
seems easier, and that's what I'd rather support. 

We'd still require a11y-interested folks to run other-than-default
help viewer, so this is the issue that is currently the stumbling
block, I'd say.  Or not?


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