Re: Final 2.10 Modules List Proposal

Murray said:


I think that only yelp uses this, and only in the new branch, but I
think we (and Shaun) decided not to ship the new branch in 2.10 because
of the accessibility regressions.

I'd just like to say "thank you" to you guys for being sensitive to this. I know we'd like to ship the newer gnome-help as soon as possible, and I hope to assist as much as possible in getting the new version into 2.11/2.12. I know I haven't been too vocal about this, as I felt I'd said my peace and would leave it to the maintainers as a whole to make the call. I am relieved that you agreed that the accessibility of the help system was too vital to break unless we really had no choice. I am optimistic that a lot more of the Mozilla/gecko a11y fixes will have made it upstream by 2.12, and that we'll be able to get the gecko/gnome-help ATK integration more robust by then. Best regards, - Bill

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