Re: UI freeze breakage (maybe): sync empty trash alerts in nautilus and trashapplet

Hi Luca,

Today at 10:17, Luca Ferretti wrote:

> PS We are speaking about a confirmation alert. Do we really need a
> release team approval to change it a bit?

Imagine being a clueless user and reading a Gnome manual that says:

"If you try to empty your trash, you're going to see the warning below:

(imagine a screenshot showing a different image than the one user is
actually going to see)"

Yeah, we can argue that users will still get the point, but they will
get the point even if all the documentors use different themes and
set-ups, but we still don't let it happen.  Also, they might conclude
"hey, this manual is probably outdated, I shouldn't trust it".  That's
not the message we want to send across.

This is only the reason off the top of my head for why there's a UI
freeze in place.  There're probably many more (a11y, testing, ...).


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