Re: The State of (in)Consistency of Save Confirmation Dialogs

> > > Abiword can save the file at every keystroke, appending information at
> > > the end of the file so that this operation is fast. It's a file format
> > > change, though, granted.
> >
> > If you tried that, the laptops of the world will hunt you down...
> > assuming they get that far before their batteries die quick and horrible
> > deaths from vastly over-zealous disk activity.
> The text doesn't need to land on the hardware right away, the in ram
> buffers are fine for that. There's a technology available on linux that
> delays disk writes specially for notebooks. That would suffice.

Ah, nothing like a bit of pointless blue sky thinking (tm) to distract
everyone from the real issue ---- the inconsistency of the save

But anyway, Yey, for the buffering of writes, that'll be lovely, for
all applications that can just "append information at the end of the
file." (with a file format change). How does it work when you're
editing a plain text file, or a word document? Does Abiword resave it
as an abiword file for you?

And what about GEdit, which has plain text as its file format, and so
can't just "append information at the end of the file"
Or a sample editor that edits audio data and needs to encode things as
they're saved
Or a graphics editor that needs to do the same....

Basically, its a lovely way to spout off pointless emails, and get
nothing done, especially when the solution to the issue is so
seemingly simple....Do what the HIG says, and if the app doesn't, then
file a bug report about it.

Al Urker.

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