Re: ALInex - ADSL Modems - Portugal

On Fri, 2005-12-30 at 00:00 +0000, Alan Cox wrote:
> On Iau, 2005-12-29 at 16:24 +0000, Luis Rodrigues wrote:
> > What we want is to have a dialog that shows several types os modems, the
> > users chooses the one he has and we write the apropriate scripts, if it
> > needs a firmware we would ask the user to enter the location of it.
> I can't speak for non-Linux systems but the Linux 2.6 mentality is that
> the kernel generates a hot-plug message to load the right firmware and
> the user space hot plug layer loads the firmware file. Correctly set up
> it should be invisible to the user barring installing firmware if the
> firmware cannot be distro shipped

I know that, my problem is that we can't ship the firmware bundled with
our distribution. So we were planing to crate an application similar to
gnome-volume-manager that would ask for the firmware do the user when
he/she pluged the modem in.

We just haven't decided if this is the way to go.

Best regards,

Luis Rodrigues

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