Re: gnome-games branched

> On 8/30/05, Callum McKenzie <callum physics otago ac nz> wrote:
>> gnome-games has been branched for gnome-2-12
>> gnome-2-12 is the stable branch
>> HEAD will become unstable (really, really, unstable) in a few days time
> Care to share an outline of your plans for the next cycle? :)

At the moment I am working on the replacement for gnome-score and
experimenting with using Cairo for the animation. The first of these is
nearing the point of being usable and the second is turning out to be
"interesting" (wonderful API, but with some nasty - but not universal or
unfixable - performance issues).

There is also a patch for Mines network-play that I have yet to evaluate
and an improved AI for Iagno (I seem to get one of those every year) in
the same situation.

Other than that, I intend trying to work through the long list of feature
requests and not-quite-bugs that I have.

 - Callum

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