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How complete is your undo stack? Does it handle undoing style changes? Redoing rich content pastes? Inserting images? Does it handle aggregating multiple key presses or deletes into "words" that can be undone as a unit?


Jody Goldberg wrote:
On Fri, Aug 26, 2005 at 02:03:00PM -0400, Bryan Clark wrote:

I don't have a problem "me too"ing this request, since I think I've been
asking for spell checking for all text-entry widgets for the past two
years as well as a richer textview widget.  IMHO we should have a
textview widget that is good enough to pretty much replace
GtkHTMLEditor, with undo/redo and easy to add font, style, and color
widgets for text areas.  Good spell checking is just another part of
good text input.

We've got several of the desired widgets/gtkactions in goffice now.
    - font face combo
    - alignment combo and widget (including rotation)
    - colour combo
    - undo/redo stack
    - image file selection

I'd also like to see some of the evince/MS Office XP widgets show up
    - the sidebar
    - firefox style search entry

even something as simple as a zoom combo could be standardized.
There are a plethora of document-centric activities that are being

Given the plethora of apps with some forms of drawing
    - gimp
    - inkscape
    - gnumeric/abi
It's also possible to make a case for things like
    - gradient selectors
    - line width/style selectors
    - pattern/stipple selectors
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