Re: Announcing: Project Ridley

Yesterday at 17:14, Rodney Dawes wrote:

> Beyond that, the only other thing which I care about that uses expat,
> is the XML::Parser perl module, which we require for intltool.

But note that in the long run, I'd be willing to port intltool to
libxml2.  However, we all remember the problems we had with
XML::Parser migration, and libxml2 Perl modules are even less likely
to be installed.

> Most everything else in terms of Gnome, use libxml2 anyway. Gnumeric,
> Abiword, the background capplet, gconf, etc... all use libxml2.

I believe gconf uses glib-internal (and incomplete) XML parser, but
what matters is that it doesn't use expat. :)


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