2.12 stoppers and bug day tomorrow

This is necessarily an incomplete list; if you know of a bug you
believe is a stopper, if in any doubt, please mail
gnome-bugsquad gnome org

We'll be looking for more of these in irc.gnome.org #bugs tomorrow-
find a showstopper in bugzilla or the code tomorrow, and I'll
personally... well, dunno, I have no idea what I'll do, but we'll
figure something out :)

Things we really ought to fix:

nautilus crasher, no one seems to have taken a look yet:

keyboard a11y warnings can still hose people:

applets regression:

evo printing doesn't work in at least some cases:

open file dialog crashes for multiple people:

nautilus icons don't close themselves anymore:

Things we probably can't fix:

still can be broken by rogue apps, though a major set of these are now
eliminated with the removal of the smproxy code. Hopefluly as soon as
the 2.12.0 splash screen contest is done, we can have a 2.13.0 splash
screen removal contest.

I'd appreciate it if the relevant maintainers start taking a look at
these, and the relevant users come by to #bugs tomorrow and help us
find more things that we really need to fix before release. Thanks!


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