Re: Announcing: Project Ridley


You know, I think this makes perfect sense, so long as much of the
functionality included does not rely on the GNOME platform per se and
could be utilised in independent GTK apps.

As someone who has moved from KDE development to GNOME development,
GTK does some much more of a sporadic toolkit, and feels rather less
complete than Qt. This is typically down to the following reasons:

 - There is a wider selection of widgets and classes in Qt, and GTK
seems to lack many of these and relagate them to external libs. I
assume this is largely the purpose of Ridley.

 - GTK (and I am specifically thinking PyGTK here, which I hack with)
does not boast as complete and centralised documentation. The Qt
documentation is centralised ( and has a complete
selection of not only a superb class reference but also included
examples and more. Maybe the documentation of the different bindings
could be somehow optimised in Ridley.

 - The actual toolkit feels a little more difficult to deal with in
some cases. I am specifically thinking tree views here. Qt seems to
include more convenience functions.

This sounds like an exciting project and I look forward to seeing how
it matures.


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