Re: Kicking off planning session planning


Selon Glynn Foster <Glynn Foster Sun COM>:
> Seems like there is a lot of overlap that draws developers in different
> directions. I'd like to be a bit more fine-grained than the above
> topics. Perhaps having everyone start as a single group, try to identify
> problem areas, and then split up into manageable groups, with
> experienced people leading them.
> Discuss. Otherwise we'll just be twiddling our thumbs for an hour, or
> heckling Luis at the marketing session ;)

I agree, makes sense. The starting point for all this is that people who want to
use this time for a planning session start identifying themselves - hint, hint.

The principle is still the same - get a bunch of people together, and try to
have as many non-overlapping sessions as possible going on. Session leaders,
your GUADEC needs *you*.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France

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