Re: Kicking off planning session planning


> The 4 tracks I propose are:
> * Interoperability - everything to do with making GNOME work better with 
> KDE, OO.o, XFCE, Mozilla - not just a freedesktop session, but primarily.
> * Developers platform - gtk+, glib, atk, gconf, gnome-print, libgnome: 
> All the infrastructure we share across the desktop. Probably a good 
> place to talk about ABI stability too.
> * Desktop - the user-visible desktop, planning sessions and 
> brainstorming for application teams goes here.
> * Infrastructure - Bugzilla, docs, web team, source control, marketing 
> (which is in the schedule already)

Seems like there is a lot of overlap that draws developers in different
directions. I'd like to be a bit more fine-grained than the above
topics. Perhaps having everyone start as a single group, try to identify
problem areas, and then split up into manageable groups, with
experienced people leading them.

Discuss. Otherwise we'll just be twiddling our thumbs for an hour, or
heckling Luis at the marketing session ;)


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