Re: Evince as universal "Viewer"

As a proponent, let me show you in brief how Apple's "Preview" handles images and pdf's.

First, a shot of Preview showing a number of images:

As you can see, the "rotate" functions, important to image viewers, are in the View menu with easy to remember shortcuts. Note also that when you rotate an image, you can then save it so that it retains the rotated position.

Second, a shot of Preview showing a pdf file:

It looks the same, with two differences: 1) if you look in the top-right of the main window, you'll see that an extra icon appeared in the "Tool Mode" section, the letter "A". When in "A" mode, you can select and copy text (the other two toolmodes are a 4-sided arrow for moving the image and a square for selection tool) and 2) a "search" box whcih lets you do find-as-you-type.


For the rest, both screenshots show the same content. A drawer with thumbnails, that one can hide and scroll through. It also has back forward buttons.

I'm not trying to say that Preview is perfect or anything; I'm just trying to show to people that merging pdf and image viewing functionality into one app doesn't need to be a disaster, or a slow app. Preview is actually very fast, and I'm only using a 1.07 Ghz 256MBRAM iBook. By all means no speed demon.

Thom Holwerda
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