Re: Evince as universal "Viewer"

Apart from the fact that I support and agree with the unix philosophy
of specific tool for specific task, but all-around interoperable[1], I
really must ask:

Why do you care?

It really shouldn't matter what app is showing the
document/image/whatever, as long as it does a good or excellent job at
it. Which I think describes eog quite well at the moment for quick
viewing. Perhaps some intgration with image editors [2] would be
welcome, and the side pane could be polished, but other than that, it
fits the bill.

And let's not forget the lesson some big, bloated programs that get
too complex to handle and maintain have tought us...

[1] shell piping was the traditional way of programs to talk to each
other, now it is different RPC schemes like dbus. Same thing actually.

[2] anyone up to some dbus interface design/implementation?
*.ImageEditor.LaunchWithFile(s) would be handy

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi

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