Re: Evince as universal "Viewer"

Mark McLoughlin wrote:
	Lots of people have been saying this, and I love evince, but I don't
really understand the rationale. An image *is* very different from a
document and perhaps the UI is similar, but I don't expect to want to
search for text, or scroll through pages, or a look at an index or ...
with an image.
	e.g. in the real world, you handle photos and books very differently.

Yeah, this is the best argument I've heard against using Evince as an image view too.

I think this would be an even stronger argument if EOG was better are being a simple image viewer than it is now. Currently, the UI between Evince and EOG are not very different at all. I don't think the UI of EOG quite reflects how, in the real world, photos would be handled differently from books.

To be fair, I'm not sure what that would mean in specific improvements.

For those that see the use of Evince as image view as a move towards application-centric over document-centric (not that Mark implied that), or as a move to monolithic/slow apps - I don't advocate for that at all. It's just that, as it stands, the UI of the two apps are very similar.

Steven Garrity

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