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Can we please hear the opinions from the maintainers of eog and evince, as to how they feel about one doing something for which it was not designed and the other being essentially deprecated?

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On Apr 19, 2005, at 7:25 AM, Steven Garrity wrote:

There's a brief discussion on one of the Fedora lists about how Eye of Gnome relates to gThumb. The conclusion is the usual one, and it makes sense: eog is the quick-to-load simple one-off image view, and gThumb is a more powerful image/photo browser. Makes sense.

Someone mentioned Evince in the discussion and it made me wonder: should Evince replace Eye of Gnome as the universal "Viewer" app on Gnome. It already seems to support the basic image formats (jpeg, png, etc.).

It also loads relatively quickly when opening a single image, and loads without the sidebar for formats without "pages" - so it has the look/feel of a simple/fast viewer app.

In the version I'm running (0.1.9), the zoom controls don't seem to work on non-pdf files (jpeg, png, etc.), but I'm sure that could be fixed.

I don't think there is really anything wrong with Eye of Gnome, but it might be nice to have *one* simple document/image viewer, rather than one for PDFs and one for other image formats, when they are so close in UI and core functionality.

Not that this makes it the right choice, but for reference, this is what Apple does with their "Preview" application.

Any thoughts?

Steven Garrity
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