Re: Workspace Switcher Loop?

On 4/18/05, Chris Spencer <gmane 20 evilspam spamgourmet com> wrote:

> > Seriously, though, the decision was made years ago that wraparound
> > isn't wanted.  This discussion doesn't belong on d-d-l anymore.
> Then perhaps you can summarize that argument, or point me to the comment
> which succinctly states why looping was deemed useless and subsequently
> removed?

No way, that would be inappropriate on this list (this whole thread
belongs in bugzilla since it is specific to Metacity).  Besides, that
information is already there in bugzilla and Vincent already pointed
everyone to it ( 
If you dislike the decision and have good rationale for wanting
something changed--see for more
details on what that means--then bring it up in bugzilla.  However,
make sure you pay special attention to the "if you move a bug from
WONTFIX or NOTABUG to REOPENED, you had better add *additional,
quality rationale* at the same time" rule. [emphasis added]


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