Re: Workspace Switcher Loop?

Elijah Newren wrote:
It used to work this way.

And I even *fixed* it 3 years ago!

I don't even know why it got dropped...

Well, you could read the last comment in the bug you pointed us to in
order to find out.  ;-)

Seriously, though, the decision was made years ago that wraparound
isn't wanted.  This discussion doesn't belong on d-d-l anymore.

Then perhaps you can summarize that argument, or point me to the comment which succinctly states why looping was deemed useless and subsequently removed?

The first comment seems to mention this feature is still available, but you now have to enable it in the /apps/metacity/general/wrap_style config file. Neither this path or file are on my system, so I don't know where this config file should be, or if it even still exists.

The last valid comment seems to state that those who want wrapping should write their own pager...which is inconvenient at best and somewhat rude at the worst. Most of the comments seemed to admit there was some utility in having wrapping, but that there isn't enough to warrant the feature bloat. Given that there's currently only 4 preferences, I don't see how this would be bloating in any way.

Regardless, comment #17 pretty well summarizes my position:
> I'd just like to add some comments here, in garnome 2.1.5 wrapping has
> gone, and it's not good at all for somebody like me with 1 row of 7
> desktops, as I with wrapping on no desktop was ever more than 4
> swithes away, now the max in 7 which slows me down no end.
> Wrapping is definately a useful feature, and shouldn't just be
> removed. If the old model didn't work for everyone, maybe (ouch, sorry
> havoc) a pref, or perhaps it should dynamically adapt to the
> number/layout of desktops. A metacity without wrapping hurts :(

Having a simple enable/disable looping option would be trivial to implement, would satisfy everyone, and would only add utility. If it's not there, it should be.

Btw, is there any way to disable the switcher popup? I can see how some might find it useful, but I find it annoying and distracting.


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