Re: Workspace Switcher Loop?

guenther wrote:
On Sun, 2005-04-17 at 15:38 -0400, Chris Spencer wrote:
Currently, if you're at the first, the only way to get the last is to use the mouse or key through every workspace, which is inconvenient.

That's not true. There are keyboard shortcuts available to directly
switch (or move windows) to *any* workspace.

Run 'gnome-keybinding-properties' and see these settings:

  Window Management / Switch to workspace X
  Window Management / Move window to workspace X

Anyway, as long as you don't intend to implement this yourself or at
least discuss whether this would be a good feature, questions like this
seem more appropriate for the general purpose gnome list [1] than a
devel one...

Fair enough. My complaint is not so much aimed at point-to-point workspace switching, as it is at sequential switching. Disallowing users from switching from the first to the last workspace, and vice versa, via the left and right navigation key bindings seems like an unnecessary limitation.

When you've reached the first or last workspace, sure, you could use another key binding to jump to the opposite end of the list, but you shouldn't have to. Having to press a different key combination breaks your flow. Not terribly burdensome, but again, it's an unnecessary limitation.

Most desktops I've used that implement workspaces/virtual desktops don't limit the user in this way. Granted, they're usually not as nice as Gnome in many other aspects.

Implementing this feature would be trivial. Instead of checking for the first and last workspace indexes and then stopping the user from switching any further, you just direct them to the opposite end of the list.


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