Re: Remote Desktop/Vino change default listening port?

On Sat, 2005-04-16 at 14:27 -0700, fxer wrote:
> however it appears that vino (the code beneath the remote desktop
> control) is hard coded to start listening on port 5900, which actually
> is hard coded into libvncserver which vino uses. However on my home
> network behind a router, port 5900 is already taken by another
> machine, so I can't have the router forward it to my Ubuntu 5.04
> install.

This should really be filed as a bug in bugzilla instead of discussed on
desktop-devel-list as it isn't about the desktop, but a single program.

Personally I think Vino should stay as it is, and if you want to access
multiple VNC sessions from outside your router and you only have one
external IP, then configure the router with different external ports for
each machine:

port 5900 ->
port 5901 ->
port 5902 ->

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