Remote Desktop/Vino change default listening port?

Over on the Ubuntu forums we were having a discussion about to change
the default listening port of the remote desktop program:

however it appears that vino (the code beneath the remote desktop
control) is hard coded to start listening on port 5900, which actually
is hard coded into libvncserver which vino uses. However on my home
network behind a router, port 5900 is already taken by another
machine, so I can't have the router forward it to my Ubuntu 5.04

Using vncserver was suggested, but also was pointed out that it spawns
a new desktop and doesn't link to your currently running session. I
thought it would be most convenient if there was perhaps an "advanced"
button on the remote desktop program that would let you select a
different port to bind to to get around that accessing multiple vnc
servers behind a router issue.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this!

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