Re: Change servers timezone to UTC (was: Bugzilla will be DOWN Sat 9 April 17.00-20.00 UTC)

(Sorry to jump in late - been away, catching up)

On Fri, 2005-04-08 at 11:15 +0000, DANIELLLANO wrote:
> Now that you are doing this big change, it's the time to change this
> servers and others timezone to UTC (you know not every gnome developer
> or user lives in US East Coast)

As Owen says, we won't do the timezone change at the same time as
another big change (i.e. the bugzilla move) - it's just not sensible.
Also we aren't quite ready for the timezone change yet. I believe Toni
has posted a list of cronjobs etc that we may need changing when the
server clocks change to UTC, but nobody has had time to follow it up
(yet). I have a few comments to make, but it'll probably stay in my
inbox for another week or so before I have time to look at it :( So,
yes, it'll happen, and it'll be a good thing, but we just don't know
how/who/when just yet.

And just to throw in another reason we *really should* change (as if the
need for non-EDT'ers to have to 'double translate' the timezone in bug
reports, mail headers, log files etc wasn't enough)... Since the recent
EDT daylight savings change kicked in, I've been getting all my regular root and moderator e-mails an hour earlier than normal (I
expect everyone else outside of EDT is too), which is far less
convenient for me (/us?) than before. Much easier if everything was UTC
+/-n here :)


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