Re: Change servers timezone to UTC (was: Bugzilla will be DOWN Sat 9 April 17.00-20.00 UTC)

Matthew Galgoci wrote:
> > Now that you are doing this big change, it's the time to change this
> > servers and others timezone to UTC (you know not every gnome developer
> > or user lives in US East Coast)
> The servers are located in the eastern US time zone. I think it is fair that their local
> time can be EST/DST.

But the default timezone should be set up to the one that is
understood by the users of the machine.

The default users of that machine are from all around the globe.
So it's fair for it to be UTC.

Most people get mad guessing that server timezone.

You probably don't understand because you are at that timezone and don't
have problems with that but there are other people outside that timezone
that you shouldn't left apart.

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