Double-clicking titlebar = minimize

In continuation of the "Just a Question" thread (I cannot find a
Metacity-devel list either):

Is there any chance we might see a "double-click titlebar minimizes
window" in Metacity in the near future? I'm very fond of BeOS/OSX who
both have this feature. I was always puzzled by the fact that Windows
and Gnome never had an option for this small but amazing little feature
(KDE does, but hey, Gnome all the way here) ;) ). Double-clicking to
maximize a window never made any sense to me. And no, shading is not a
good alternative for me. I don't want to start a useless discussion on
"why" I want it, I'm just asking any chance we'll see it? I'd think that
adding this option in the proper gconf entry wouldn't be too much
hassle...? I'm sure I'm not the only one who is very fond of this
titlebar action.

Thanks in advance, 

Thom Holwerda
Main news posting guy of, bringing you the
OS/computer news that really matters

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