Re: gnome-screensaver 0.0.2

Hey Bastien,

Bastien Nocera wrote:
I was wondering, what's the current state of this tool?
I tried it out quickly, and the screenies[1] rock :)

What's the TODO list, and will you push it to GNOME CVS?

The 0.0.2 version had a few problems. There was a race while transferring the keyboard grab to the dialog window when the server is ungrabbed. I think I have solved this problem by using GtkSocket/GtkPlug. The dialog uses a separate process so that all the authentication and user-switching stuff doesn't happen in the daemon.

Another problem is that it isn't accessible. I have to learn more about this.

Also, the daemon process currently uses libraries higher in the stack than X. This potential problem with this is that any segfault/assert/etc in any path travelled through those libraries will expose the user's session. I have mixed feelings about this. Perhaps it is better to assume that any screensaver can crash and plan for that. Maybe we can use a combination of DBUS/gnome-session to guard against this by grabbing the input and starting a new screensaver when the service leaves the bus. Dunno.

I hope to have an updated version using GtkPlug ready in a few days.


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