Re: GNOME 2.12 Proposed Schedule

I thought we agreed near the end of the 2.12 cycle that an API freeze for non-core exported APIs should be added to the release schedule.

There was discussion of several options, including:

(1) requiring all exported APIs to follow the platform API freeze dates, or; (2) having a 'non core API freeze data' that came a little later than the platform API/ABI freeze; (3) making the freeze 'advisory' or just introducing a 'notification period'

making the freeze 'advisory' or just introducing a notify period would not solve the core problem in my opinion.

My vote is for option #2, maybe tieing this internal API freeze to the UI freeze date. I think minor changes to internal APIs in a stable branch (i.e. for 2.12.1) should be allowed after the first stable release, but running it by the release-team for approval still seems like a reasonable requirement.

- Bill

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