Re: Gnome 3.0 - menus

On Apr 4, 2005 11:56 AM, Thom Holwerda <slakje quicknet nl> wrote:
> I'd much rather prefer Gnome to go the OSX way with this-- I find that
> system making the desktop very clean, and clear; the menus are always in
> the same place and you always know where to find them-- whereas with
> other DEs it depends on where your currently active window resides.
> Secondly, it reduces clutter quite drastically;

The screenshot shows far less items on the OSX "panel" than what I
have. Also, I have arranged them so that some applets are just after
the menus. Now, if the menus actually changed all the time, those
applets would either fly around or leave gaps when the menus change. I
could move them to the other side, but then there would be a million
applets together and finding one of them would be harder.

Also, I note that there is actually not too much space left for
anything else but the menus. I don't use the taskbar (it's next to
useless), but people that do would not be happy. Unless it is intended
to go as well, of course.

As a user, you probably can tell how often you click on the menus just
to find out that it was actually the wrong application that was active
(which is my personal number one concern about the model in question)?
After all, the focus does not follow your eyes (and probably not your
mouse either).

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi

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