Gnome 3.0 - menus

At the section of GNOME's wiki about 3.0 it is disccused how to give the deskop a more "objected" feel to it - one big issue seems to be menus. A suggestion on the wiki is that menus should resemble the menus in apples Mac OS desktops -however someone apparantly thinks that users in general will not like this. An alternative method could be as simple as assigning the menu to the object on the proccess list - with a single right click the regular menu available now would show + the programs own menu - this could either be a simple entry containing all the top level menu items or the menu could list normal system menu items, add a spacer (line or something) and then include the top level menu items.

One issue with this is in the case of multiple windows per program - the solution with the top level menu items being incased is perhaps the better solution to this.

Another varation for this would be right click menus - is none has been defined by the programme itself, simply apply the top level menu items to a right click menu.

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