Re: the future of GNOME Applets

On Tue, 2004-09-21 at 10:52 -0400, Sean Middleditch wrote:

> A little off-topic, but people using dial-up should check out GNOME-PPP
> (  It has worked great on the systems I've put
> it on.  (Honestly, that's only a couple, since dial-up is something I
> avoid.)

I had forgotten about this project. Random thoughts from rereading the
page... (might get a bit off-topic from applets)

This allows us to configure connections, as well as initiate and control
connections. I'm not sure how it wraps wvdial exactly, but one assumes
it is probably staying resident for the lifespan of wvdial.
There is no reason this application couldn't put something into the
notification area for the lifespan of the connection (seems sensible,
dialup connections are transient; in fact, it might already do it).
Inclusion of this applet in GNOME with a notification area icon would
deprecate the modemlights applet completely, solving my problem.

This all seems especially useful if the program can also do
ISDN/PPPoe/VPNs etc.

Not sure who the developer is, but perhaps they should suggest this
package for GNOME 2.10. Ideally, like all GNOME modules, could do with
some HAL love, but that would allow it to completely replace

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