Re: The increasing number of modules to be built with jhbuild

James Henstridge wrote:
On 16/09/04 09:20, Mikael Hallendal wrote:


Also note that tarball modules built by jhbuild are _not_ built every time. Jhbuild stores a build time stamp in the install prefix, and if it has previously built the version of the tarball before, it will be skipped. If you saw all these tarballs being rebuilt, I assume you were installing to a fresh install prefix :)

Yes, I was installing fresh, great that they are not rebuilt. Thanks.

Well, you can set up a skip list in your ~/.jhbuildrc like so:
  skip = [ 'module1', 'module2' ]

Yeah, Glynn told me on IRC, been wanting this for some time :)

However, there aren't that many tarballs included in a "meta-gnome-desktop" build. The ones included are:

    * audiofile: I suppose this one could be removed if it is really a
      problem.  It is included because it used to come from gnome CVS.
    * hicolor-icon-theme: this one wasn't included in many distros until
      gnome-icon-theme started to barf if it wasn't installed ...
    * scrollkeeper: help indexes aren't too useful if you can't write to
      $sysconfdir ...
    * gnutls+friends: not included in that many distros currently.

Would it somehow be possible to check whether they already exists on your platform? I mean, it's quite cumbersome to wait for a build for something that you already have on the platform. Perhaps just check if they exist through pkg-config?

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  Mikael Hallendal

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