Re: Proposal: replacing esound with polypaudio in 2.10

On Thu, 28.10.04 14:36, Joe Marcus Clarke (marcus FreeBSD org) wrote:

> What about non-Linux OS support, though?  One of polypaudio's
> dependencies is alsa-lib.  Will polypaudio work on FreeBSD and Solaris?
> ~ If so, I wouldn't mind seeing it replace esound myself.

As I wrote earlier: someone has done some work in porting it to
macosx, but this is incomplete. Currently, polypaudio compiles on
linux only. It should compile on FreeBSD with only minor
patching. Feel free to contribute such patches! ;-)

The ALSA dependency is not mandatory. Polypaudio has a modular
design. If no ALSA is available, the ALSA modules is not built. That's


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