Re: libbonoboui and pack-end toolbar items

> 	One thing that would be (perhaps) would be for nautilus to add a large,
> expandable (empty) control in-between [ if this was done with a
> no-window-widget using bonobo_ui_component_widget_set it should have no
> theme impact I think ].

I have done something along these lines to fix nautilus.

> 	It's just a shame that the only way to workaround the long-standing gtk
> + ABI breakage that caused the problem is to break the libbonoboui
> API/ABI - but as you say, no-one much is using that; and I guess at
> least this fix gives us far better toolbar key-nav, i18n wrt. LTR etc.
> so, it's the right way to go really.
> 	Patches / fixes etc. appreciated, I have no time to spend on bonobo*
> currently.

I did a patch to add the type="space" attribute, it's attached on



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