Re: control-center branched

> 2.8.1 was released and the tree has been branched with tag
> gnome-2-8.
> This should solve problems with libxklavier where head
> control-center required gnome-2-8 libgswitchit.  In the future we
> need to be careful to branch applets and control center at the same
> time to avoid conflicts in the shared code.
I would like to apologize to all people who had problems building
non-branched gnome-control-center. I broke libxklavier API in HEAD and
probably should have waited more patiently till both g-a and g-c-c
branched. Actually, it looks like potential problem for any two
projects sharing some virtual module - they whould better branch
simultaneously to avoid problems like this one.

Some info for maintainers and distributors - libxklavier 1.0x series
(branch b_1_00) will keep stable API for GNOME 2.8. libxklavier 1.1x
series (HEAD) will be used in GNOME HEAD (2.9x etc) - there are some
changes in API.



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