Hello all,

I've finally succumbed to the temptation to hack around the current lack
of a gnome desktop indexer built into the user interface, and
namzau-find is the result.


        A small wrapper to namazu and mknmz that emulates enough of the
        functionality of find with the -exec grep option to trick
        gnome-search-tool into using a real indexer rather than find and
        grep. This lets you search non-text files such as PDF,
        OpenOffice and MS Word documents. It also checks whether the
        index is out of date with respect to the files you are searching
        for, queries the out-of-date files and then updates the index.


I don't see this as a long term solution as -- it is not fast when
searching large filesystems or when files have to be reindexed --  but
perhaps it will be of use to some people until medusa is ready.

All the best,


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