Re: gnome-terminal missing cvs files(?); tinting transparency.

These files aren't missing. They don't belong in CVS, because they are
generated by other tools that are used to build specific pieces of the
project. is created from by automake, and then
configure outputs Makefile, so you can actually build the project. Since
you are missing some of these tools, should have failed and
complained before running configure. You need at least gtk-doc,
intltool, automake, autoconf, libtool, along with all the things they
also require.

-- dobey

On Thu, 2004-10-14 at 14:31 +0100, William Robinson wrote:
> Hi
> I just checked out a copy of the gnome-terminal cvs and tried to
> / it. The configure wasn't finishing successfully because of
> missing .in files. This in turn appeared to be because of missing files
> that automake was expecting.
> Firstly, there was xmldocs.make, then help/omf.make, both of which I got
> from a gnome-terminal-2.6.1 tarball (because i had it handy). 
> Also, the reason I want to have a hack at it is that I wanted to see if
> I can make transparency work as a tint of the background colour with an
> image (a-la aterm). I had a look through the VTE API and it looks like
> there is already the functions in place to do this. Does anyone have any
> comments on this? Am I stepping on anyone else's TODOs?
> -bill

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