gnome-terminal missing cvs files(?); tinting transparency.


I just checked out a copy of the gnome-terminal cvs and tried to
./ it. The configure wasn't finishing successfully because of
missing .in files. This in turn appeared to be because of missing files
that automake was expecting.

Firstly, there was xmldocs.make, then help/omf.make, both of which I got
from a gnome-terminal-2.6.1 tarball (because i had it handy). 

Also, the reason I want to have a hack at it is that I wanted to see if
I can make transparency work as a tint of the background colour with an
image (a-la aterm). I had a look through the VTE API and it looks like
there is already the functions in place to do this. Does anyone have any
comments on this? Am I stepping on anyone else's TODOs?


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