Metacity branched

Metacity has been branched for Gnome 2.8.  The "gnome-2-8" branch should
now be used for stable changes.  For the 2.8 metacity series, 2.8.0,
2.8.1 and 2.8.1.x are stable releases for Gnome 2.6.  2.8.2-4 are
unstable releases.  2.8.x where x >= 5 are stable releases for Gnome

In the HEAD branch, metacity will now be versioned 2.9.x for unstable
releases.  The next stable branch of metacity will be versioned 2.10.x.
This allows metacity versioning to resynchronize with the larger Gnome
version, and hopefully reduce confusion.  At least in the long run.


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