Re: Should Desktop = Home?

Hi Alan,

> I dont particularly want my "Maildir", "share" or my "www" folder on my
> desktop and that is not counting all the other folders I have since added
> like ~/Documents* and ~/cvs" and ~/devel ~/Screenshots ~/Bugs and many
> more.
> (* Documents is the one folder I would actually want to have on the
> desktop but with a little trickery I could have it both in ~/Documents
> and as a fake link on the desktop that would be ideal)
You can actually make a Documents folder appear on the desktop pointing
at ~/Documents, I don't think its a GUI setting anywhere atm but theres
a gconf key for it in /apps/nautilus among the ones for the computer,
trash, etc.  I turned it on, its handy.


Trent Lloyd <lathiat bur st> Networking Inc.

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