Re: Gnome 2.8.0 -- This shouldn't happen

ons, 06,.10.2004 kl. 08.49 +0100, skrev Alberto Manuel Brandão Simões:
> Hi
> Gnome people have years of experience doing releases, but continue 
> having a major problem: compatibility. We install (upgrade) gnome 2.6 to 
> gnome 2.8 and lose a lot of custumization.. specially:
> 1. lost half of my key bindings
> 2. lost ALL my panel
> 3. galeon doesn't start complaining about gconf schemas not installed
> I really had to complain.
Please file bugs in bugzilla about this and include system information,
OS information, how you installed, what packages you were using etc so
we can fix the problems if they are ours.


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