Re: Remove unused icons in gnome-desktop

On Sat, 2004-10-02 at 18:49 +0200, Luca Ferretti wrote:

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> A lot of them are unused and don't follow current guidelines (HIG) and
> style. Others are yet available with a fresh look in gnome-icon-theme
> Four icons are used by gnome-applets/gnome-panel, but those apps should
> use available icons in gnome-icon-theme. Those icons are
>       * gnome-mailcheck (by mail check applet) -> should use
>         "stock_inbox.png" or "stock_mail*.png"
>       * gnome-modem (by modemlights applet) -> should use modem.png
>       * gnome-money (by stock ticker applet) -> should use
>         stock-ticker.png
>       * laucher-program.png (used by panel to add a launcher) -> mmhhh
>         no valid icon in g-i-t. Just stock_init.png with a starting
>         space shuttle.... or maybe gnome-fs-executable

There were some new icons committed for gnome-applets by MarkMc (iirc).
I think they were committed to the gnome-applets tree. gnome-modem was
one I think.

Not sure how this will effect things, just so you know.


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