Re: RFC: Common desktop-wide paths

<quote who="Alan Cox">
> Aside from the philosophical debates nobody has solved the
> internationalisation one even for the desktop folder yet. If I log in in
> Welsh is the Sain folder the same as the Music folder in English. If
> not, why not. If it is how are you implementing it.
> Alan

Hi Alan,

The best way that I can think of is to create the folder the first time
the user logs in, in the current locale. I would then have a GUI app for
configuring the location of the default folders. This app would have the
ability to rename the folders to the current locale.

For example:

1. The user logs in English the first time they run Gnome.
2. A Music folder is created on the Desktop.
3. The user logs out and logs in in Welsh.
4. The Music folder is still called Music.
5. The user runs the application to configure the default folders.
6. The user can translate the folders, and Music is renamed to Sain.
7. If the user logs in in English subsequently, the folder will still be
called Sain.

This system is not perfect. The translation of the folder names is not
automatic, and it is not easily discoverable how to do it.

A solution to this would to create a hidden folder called .Music (Either
in home or on the Desktop). As log in a symlink is created in the current
language to point to this folder (If it doesn't already exist).

On login:
$HOME/Desktop/Sain -> $HOME/.Music

I do not know whether this link should be deleted when the user logs out.
If it is deleted, there will be disk access at log in and log out, which
is something that Gnome developers are trying to cut down on for the 2.10
release. If the link is not deleted, the user will be left with symlinks
in every language they log in with.

There are further downsides to the symlink idea:
- If the user drags the Music folder from their desktop to the Trash, the
Music folder is not deleted, just the symlink is.
- The icon on the desktop would be a shortcut icon, rather than a Folder
icon. Having a shortcut to a hidden folder might confuse users.

Best Regards,

Marc O'Morain

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