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El lun, 15-11-2004 a las 14:03 +0000, Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro escribió:
Dom, 2004-11-14 às 22:27 +0100, Roberto Majadas escreveu:
> Hi people :
> I want to propose nautilus-sendto for gnome 2.10 .  
> homepage :  
> sources : --> nautilus-sendto

hi gustavo :

  Without analysing other UI concerns that people already pointed out,
I'd just like suggest a small reorganisation.  This is from just looking
at the shots, I didn't try the software.  Sorry.

  Currently, the "send to" dialogue works this way:
	1- You select the transfer method;
	2- You select the target person;

  Problem: for the person you wish to send the file, you need to know a
priori what transfer method (email/IM/...) can reach her;  What happens
when you select "Send as IM" and then a person for which you don't have
IM, only email?

If you don't have gaim running , the dialog only show email option.

	1- You select the target person;
	2- [optional] you expand a GtkExpander to uncover the Send As.. widget
	3- [optional] you select the transfer method from a list of methods
supported by the person.

  The GtkExpander above could also include the file packing option; you
don't usually need to worry yourself with that option, but if you want,
you can.

I don't think so . i think is more intuitive 2 combox than un gtk-entry , with GtkExpander and the rest of stuff.
This program support plugins , that mean in the future will be more plugins like gnome-bluetooth , gossip , xchat ....
And the program will have the same easy ui .

  Also, it would be nice to see this integrated with the gnome-bluetooth
"Send via bluetooth..." menu item.

I was talking about with Edd about it

  This being said, I totally agree this is a cool and useful feature to
have in the next gnome release.  Thanks a lot!

thanks to you :)


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