Re: some thoughts on bookmarks (was Re: Better run dialog)

There is this totally sweet app for MacOS X called launchbar

Before LaunchBar there was BartLauncher on BeOS that was doing the same ( ). Difference was, BartLauncher did not do the search and archiving of the files by itself, it was all available on the BFS filesystem (BFS has this great feature called 'live queries').

I use LaunchBar on my OSX too, however having the application itself doing the indexing and actual search is not an elegant way of doing it and results to a lesser experience. The preferences of LaunchBar show this fact for example, they are unessaserily confusing and is asking questions that it should't be asking if the OSX filesystem was more capable to provide the information automatically.

In short, while I absolutely love the feature, I would prefer it to work with an underlying indexed/db-like filesystem (Reiser4 or a Storage layer?) rather than trying to do the job of something that has no place doing. Integration with the system is important on these kinds of things and its the only way creating a system that feels like "one" rather than bits and pieces working on their own.


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