Re: some thoughts on voting for the GNOME Foundation

(discussion on this should happen on foundation-list, so I set a
followup header)

Le Dimanche 23 mai 2004, à 02:57, Davyd Madeley a écrit :
> Previous to a discussion on IRC about how to make voting for the GNOME
> Foundation secure, anonymous, and much more like Australian government
> elections. I did a bit of thinking, and then a bit of reading, and then
> came up with this:
> It's possible it has kinks in it, it's only a draft. I need to do some
> more reading and some more thinking, and perhaps write some code.

The membership committee is working on a draft for anonymous voting.
We didn't plan to use cryptography. I'm not sure if people feel it's
necessary. As our draft currently stands, it's still possible for people
to vote with a simple mail. I know, it's less secure. But people can
vote from any computer.

One problem I see in your draft is how the server identifies the voter
in the first step...

Anyway, we're planning to meet on IRC this week. Maybe you could join
the meeting? If you're interested, please tell me when you're available.



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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